Our Mission

To foster a spirit of learning in all children, irrespective of their backgrounds in today’s world.


About Samskriya

In today’s world, we need to transform our educational system from one where children have to fit into a prescribed system,to a more personalized natural approach, where we engage all children in developing a joy of learning. 

We find that when learning becomes exciting and fun, children actually want to learn more. With this in mind Samskriya works to complement the standard curriculum in schools with a plethora of innovative methods and activities, that promote independent thinking and comprehension.

Model Schools 

We believe in creating a fun and engaging learning experience for all children.

We have partnered with the Government of Tamilnadu, along with the Corporation of Chennai to change the teaching methodology, to ensure that children are learning effectively.


Hands on Science

We work in more than 100 government schools in Tamilnadu, reaching out to around 15,000 students with our “Lab in a Backpack” Science Program.We bring the Science Lab to the classroom with a series of interactive sessions which help students understand the topics in their textbooks.

Classroom Libraries

We strongly believe reading to be a powerful, key tool in improving vocabulary, learning comprehension and overall improvement in academic performance. With the permission of the Governments of Tamilnadu and Puducherry, our Library Program currently runs in more than 100 Government schools and NGO centers in Tamilnadu and Puducherry.  


We believe knowledge should be language neutral and children should have access to learning in the language of their choice. We have been co-publishing a wide range of specially translated books in Tamil for the use of our schools.

Public libraries

Taking our philosophy of “Access to learning” further, we have started Hands On Science workshops in 10 Public Libraries across the city,where any interested child can participate, irrespective of the schools they study in.We are also setting up Children’s reading corners in these libraries with attractive and colourful books in Tamil and English.



Child Abuse Awareness 

In response to the increased reports of abuse against children,we at Samskriya Foundationstrongly felt that we should contribute to finding solutions. As a beginning,we plan to start awareness and sensitisation programs, in the 100 schools we work in, among teachers as well as students – both boys and girls.


If you are interested about our work and are passionate towards creating a social impact, you can contribute by donating towards our program or by volunteering with Samskriya Foundation. 

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