Our goal at Samskriya is to create independent learners. One of our solutions is to equip children with the most wonderful of teachers – books, books and more books!

When given beautiful, colourful books bursting with interesting stories and facts, children respond enthusiastically. 




We have arranged books in classrooms of government schools for children to read. This is our Classroom Library initiative and it encourages reading as part of learning in class. We have donated close to 40,000 books on various topics of interest to children.


We have designed reading spaces in six public libraries in the city of Chennai to encourage children to come read. We also organise

Hands-On Science workshops in these libraries, where all children irrespective of their economic and social background, get an opportunity

to learn science practically.

The latest research shows that reading for pleasure..

Helps create critical thinking skills
Increases reading comprehension
Improves vocabulary
Increases contextual knowledge
 Improves learning outcomes

Our books are carefully handpicked from the top publishers in India. We select socially relevant content that will provide a breadth of information and kindle curiosity about the world around them.


Would you like to contribute to a world of knowledge?