Our teachers take our Science kits in their backpacks, travel long distances to different schools both in urban and rural districts of Chennai and Kanchipuram in the quest to give a holistic learning experience to children in 75 Government schools.

We reach out to around 15,000 children monthly from classes 6,7 and 8 to enable them experience Science classes as a fun and exciting way to learn about the world around them. This works also as a means to understand concepts given in their textbooks.


Our classes are interactive where we use easily accessible materials to make the learning process more experiential.

A typical class introduces the topic, follows up with a demonstration and finally all children are given materials to experiment with.

Children are encouraged to ask questions.


How does Air Pressure work?
How does a helicopter fly?
Can you see how sound waves move?
How do motors work?





We are a data driven organization and our team works at measuring the impact of our interventions on a regular basis. Such studies steer us in a direction that yields more productive results.



  • The data above has been recorded through observations and oral feedback
  • The data has been recorded based on number of students (on a percentage basis) who reflect the above variables 




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