By Star Schools we mean, schools that maintain a high quality standard of education. We believe a school is of a high quality when the students truly understand their learning; which is reflected in their interaction as well as their academic performance.

We work in 3 Government Schools 


Learn-A-Way is our teaching methodology which :

1.Encourages communication in class where children ask questions and interact frequently

2.Has a hands-on, practical and experiential approach to learning 

3.Makes learning fun

Learn-A-Way Classroom Program

In Presidency Girls School, Egmore, we teach the entire school curriculum, where we cover all subjects for classes 1 and 2. This school has been chosen by the State Government as a ‘Model School’ to set a high standard for quality of education in government schools.  This program is termed as the Learn-A-Way Classroom Program, where Learn-A-Way is our methodology of training. 

Learn-A-Way Remedial Program

In the first two schools, our teachers work with the academically weaker children from class 3 to 5, to improve their Arithmetic and English Language skills. At Samskriya, we insist on a methodology where school teachers and our teachers work together for children’s education. 


We use the successful “Learnscape English Language program” developed by our trustee Mrs. Purni Krishnakumar in all the schools. Children learn experientially with a variety of simple hands on materials.


Our teachers are given continuous training and support to ensure that the children in our classes are being taught effectively. 


We also constantly evaluate the progress of the children toward reaching their academic goals.


This program is termed as the Learn-A-Way Remedial Program, where Learn-A-Way is our methodology of teaching. 




IMPACT of Learn-A-Way Remedial 


We are a data driven organization and our team works at measuring the impact of our interventions on a regular basis. Such studies steer us in a direction that yields more productive results.

Comparative Analysis of Average % No.of children displaying knowledge in Spoken English across two schools

(3rd, 4th,5th std)


Level1 – 3 to 4 letter words

Level 2- 5 to 7 letter words

Level 3 – Simple Sentences 




Comparative Analysis of Average % No.of children displaying knowledge in English Reading across two schools


Sentences 1 – Simple Sentences 

Sentences 2 – Slightly Difficult Sentences  


Comparative Analysis of % Number of Children displaying knowledge in Mathematical Concepts across two schools



IMPACT of Learn-A-Way Intensive 



Comparative Analysis of Average Student Performance of children from Presidency School, Egmore (classes 1 and 2)




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